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"What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run?" is the first and apparently only children's book about barefoot running. It stars a little bear who is eager to go run around outside but who unfortunately has some very human preconceptions about what he needs to wear on his feet. He peppers his bemused mother with a series of increasingly silly questions as she patiently tries to straighten him out.
The book is written in verse and vibrantly illustrated by the very young and very talented Laura Hollingsworth. I recommend it for children ages 2 to 105, or for anyone who remembers the simple childhood joys of bare feet, soft grass, and warm summer sunshine. It's available in print and kindle ebook and can be purchased here or at Amazon.
Here are a couple of snippets:

"But what about sneakers, should I wear some of those
While I'm running around so I don't stub my toes?"

"No, silly bear--listen to me, please:
To go run around you don't need galoshes or skis.

"You just need some feet and some fur in the breeze
And some grass and some sunlight, and maybe some trees.

"For a bear's foot should be barefoot; it's really the best way
For a bear to run around on a honey-sunny day."

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