Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Appropriately Named Allyson Felix

There were a lot of great track and field moments from the London Olympics (it was hard not to be as excited for Mo Farah as Galen Rupp obviously was) but one of my favorites was seeing Allyson Felix finally win an individual gold in the 200m. Felix (which, incidentally, is Latin for "happy") seems to have the most indomitably cheerful disposition of anyone in her sport today. If you watched the women's track events you probably noticed that once they take the track most of the sprinters--even those who seem quite pleasant off the track--tend to take on a demeanor that I can only describe as blood thirsty. Felix, on the other hand, always just seems happy to be out running today, and even when she has her "game face" on she can't seem to make it more than ten seconds without breaking into a smile. She's also the only one I saw smiling while she ran.

So to Allyson Felix, congratulations, and I hope you always find as much joy in running as you seemed to this summer. To everyone else, run joyfully--good things will come!

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